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Young Brit Harvey is gunning for GT15 honours in Tønsberg this weekend

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While the focus will be on UIM F2 racers at Tønsberg this weekend, Event Organiser Frode Sundsdal has also put on a GT15 race with UIM International Ordinary status.

Sundsdal told me this afternoon;

Swede’s and Norwegian’s can compete against each other with a ‘cross border’ agreement. This isn’t the case for a British competitor with an International RYA licence. I took steps to make our GT15 races international, I want to encourage young racers to compete against each other at the highest level.

One young British GT15 racer who has seized Sundsdal’s initiative is Harvey Smith.

His father Martyn is looking forward to supporting and watching his son over the coming years;

Harvey raced in the UIM GT15 World Championship in Estonia recently. He came 7th overall out of a 28 boat field. Racing against competitors from other countries is only going to help his experience.

Harvey’s mother Sarah, who attended the F1H2o race in Portimão last weekend said;

We obviously want Harvey to do well and have to thank our sponsors for helping to achieve that goal, Silkolene, LAK Propellers, A.W. Stokes & Son, Adidas and Arai Helmet’s.
Martyn, Harvey and I have never been to Tønsberg before, we know it isn’t going to be as sunny as Portimão, but can’t wait for the racing!

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