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What Would It Take To Make Powerboat Racing A Spectator Sport?

Adriana Nikolova, is an Outreach Executive for Wise Marketing, she has sent Powerboat Racing World some thoughts about the promotion of the sport.

There are plenty of people who take an interest in powerboat racing and make an effort to watch events when possible.

However, few could honestly classify it as a true spectator sport, and certainly not a major one.

‘Major’ may be out of the question for a type of competition that’s fairly niche in the grand scheme of racing sports, or sports in general.

However, we shouldn’t necessarily consider it out of the question that powerboat racing could gain spectators and at least become more relevant in this respect.

As for how this could happen, we’ve given it some thought and drawn up a hypothetical outline.

A Mutual Embrace With Streaming Platforms

Sports streaming was essentially a concept in search of activity just a few years ago. Now it’s a sprawling landscape of different apps and online services and an almost shocking variety of sports and events.

A mutual embrace between the sport and a few streaming providers will open a lot of eyes to the fact that these races can be every bit as exciting as, say, Formula 1 or NASCAR.

Meaningful Sponsors

This idea speaks for itself, but it’s worth including as something that could follow streaming engagement.

Basically, if streaming led to significant viewership, it could also mean more meaningful sponsors for racers, boats, or the sport as a whole.

This would effectively pump more money into the sport as well as further expand its exposure.

A Marketable Star

Currently, Powerboat racing does not have a star that anyone beyond a very small circle would recognise.

This won’t necessarily always be the case though.

All it takes is one person who is uniquely talented, personally eccentric, noteworthy on social media, or otherwise interesting, and all of a sudden there could be a face to the sport.

We can actually look at Formula 1 as an example in this regard.

The sport is largely about the cars and the venues, and the drivers wear bulky protective gear and helmets that obscure their faces.

And yet the best of them are international celebrities whose faces can be recognised around the world.

This doesn’t happen overnight, but it shows that it is possible for a sport like this to develop star personalities.

And this would be more likely if streaming and sponsorship opportunities came along first.

Sportsbook Listings

Sports betting online has never been more popular.

Though it’s still prohibited in certain parts of the world, most who have interest in related sports can find access to it one way or another.

Europe has a vast network of betting sites, and new sportsbooks in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are roping tens of millions of Americans into the activity as well.

Basically, if you want to bet online you can probably find a way to, and find a specific sport or event that interests you as well.

Understandably, at this point, powerboat racing is rarely if ever included among prominent sportsbook listings.

If you take these ideas in sequence though, the above developments could lead to a presence in the betting world, which would further drive up fan engagement.

More Sustainable Boats

This is more of a side point to close with, but also something we should keep in mind.

Some are certainly better than others in this regard, but by and large powerboats do not project an aura of environmental sustainability – which figures to be of more and more concern to modern audiences, no matter what their sporting interests may be. There’s some talk of solar boats here and there these days, but right now there’s no indication that powerboats will be evolving in any significant way to use cleaner energy.

It may never happen, but the sport may be more palatable to some – and may even gain some good publicity – if efforts toward sustainable practices were demonstrated.

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