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Victory’s Bin Huraiz – ‘we don’t have to participate in all classes of powerboating’

Since Powerboat Racing World broke the news last night that the Dubai based Victory Team would not be competing in the 2018 UIM XCAT World Championship, Alaric Gomes, chief reporter for the Gulf News has been speaking to Huraiz Bin Huraiz, head of the team’s board of directors.

It’s a decision of the board of directors that priorities for Victory Team are Offshore Class One in the US and F1H2o.

We were part of the other XCAT class, and we now feel that our participation [in that class] has served its purpose and it is time to move on.

There is no binding on us that we have to participate in all classes of powerboating, this is just a decision taken by the board and we are in alignment with the policies of our leaders.

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