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Verado powered Hypercat for leisure use

Swecat Racing held a press conference in Sweden this evening which was also streamed by Facebook Live.

As we reported here, Swecat Racing will be campaigning a twin Mercury Racing Verado 400 ROS powered 9,5 metre full canopy catamaran in the 2017 XCAT World Series.

The team took the opportunity to outline their Hypercat project and show for the first time the leisure version.

The hull design is a joint effort between Ocke and Ted Mannerfelt and Swecat Racing’s pilots, Mikael Bengtsson and Erik Stark.

Ocke Mannerfelt of Mannerfelt Design Team who has won 25 World Championships in 20 years explained;

Just like on the race version, we have used the latest technology in computer aided simulation software, CFD (Computer Fluid Dynamic), to optimize the aerodynamic properties of the pleasure version of the new Hypercat, to not only offer an extremely slippery shape, benefiting fuel economy at high cruising speeds, but also ensuring that both driver and passengers can enjoy the ride.

Ted Mannerfelt who has plied his trade in Britain for the last 10 years and is a former former Jaguar car designer, described the open four seater pleasure version as;

Form Follows Function.

The cockpit surround is built from clear coated carbon fibre, incorporating integrated steps from the rear, and two classic Speedster humps behind the passenger seats.

The Hypercat has been an amazing project.
To my knowledge, it is the first time ever that a full blown raceboat, compliant with several offshore classes, and a sleek and radiant pleasure version have been designed from the ground up at the same time.
This has obviously posed challenges, but the outcome is truly breathtaking.

The vacuum infused full carbon fibre construction makes the boat extremely light and well balanced, allowing the boat to be balanced to suit the individual owner’s demands, and driving skills.

Even though the Hypercat will be incredibly fast in a straight line, we still want it to be predictable on the edge, inspire driver confidence, and be a boat that you can learn and develop in, over years to come.

Another advantage of the low weight, extensive wind tunnel simulations, and the awesome Mercury Racing Verado 400R engines, is a boat that will offer groundbreaking fuel consumption figures, at very high cruise speeds.

Niklas Sjöö, CEO of Swecat Racing commented;

We believe most customers will opt for the open version, primarily looking to enjoy the groundbreaking fuel consumption figures at high cruise speeds, and the thrilling acceleration provided by the combination of low weight, slippery shape and powerful engines.
For those who really wish to push the boundaries of really high speeds, we have designed a totally unique four seat full canopy version, allowing four people to travel with the same safety levels as in the Race version – a totally unique proposition in the powerboat market.
Our estimates show that the boat should be capable of achieving a combined fuel consumption of around 1,5 litres per Nm, on par with most 25 ft family cruisers, at a cruise speed approaching 70 knots.

Sjöö concluded;

We are extremely pleased with the pleasure version of the new Hypercat.
It is an absolute game changer in the powerboat industry.
Not only is it absolutely gorgeous, but it offers performance, reliability, fuel consumption and safety never before seen in one package.
Our design duo at Mannerfelt Design Team, have done an amazing job for us in this project, and even though it has been a tremendous and arduous effort, we are truly proud to be able to present this new Hyper boat, designed and built in Sweden.
The first pleasure boat has already been ordered for delivery early 2017, and will be built alongside it’s full canopied race sibling.
We feel confident that the powerboat market will appreciate the new Hypercat as the unparalleled game changer it really is.

The Hypercat is built to order, giving the possibility to tailor a significant part of the specification to the customer’s requirements.

Prices start at 349.000€, including engines.

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