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Unite and Conquer – Again

In the early summer of this year, UIM F1H2o pilot Shaun Torrente wrote an article for Powerboat Racing World about how the sport brings people together.

Torrente is in an unusual situation, as a US citizen he has raced for Russian and UAE teams:

Following the race in Rouen I went through my text messages and email.
A particular message made me think and reflect.
The message was from a friend’s wife of German descent.
The message stated that my name and the American flag on a boat with Russian flags gave her a small feeling of hope.

Yesterday, Errin Butterfield and Shaki Easton from Bermuda, drove a British rigged and built hull with an American engine to win the Bermuda Around the Island Race.

Torrente’s article was right, this sport makes us ‘family’.



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