Offshore Class 3 – The history by Ray Bulman

Please Share!0shares Share Tweet I have always been a huge fan of Offshore Class 3 racing. Whilst chatting with Kerry Bobin recently, who oversaw his son Jack’s UIM Class 3A World Championship win in Norway last year, he asked me, ‘What are the chances of Ray Bulman writing an article about the history of the Class’? ‘He was there from Day One’. I rang the 87 year old journalist / Bon Viveur, ‘How much is he going to pay me? My state pension isn’t covering the cost of my Mobility Scooter’! With thanks to the oldest powerboat racing journalist on the Planet, Ray Bulman and Kerry Bobin for putting this project together, here is part 1 of the article. It began almost as a joke. It was early in 1962 that the late Geoff Tobert (left) wagered boat builder Clive Curtis (Co-Founder of Cougar Marine … Continue reading Offshore Class 3 – The history by Ray Bulman