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UAE International Aquabike Championship – Round 1

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Round One of the 2020 UAE International Aquabike Championship was held yesterday at the La Mer Beach and organised by the Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC).

85 riders from 11 countries took part and the international entrants came from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, Britain, France, Hungary, and Denmark.

UAE International Aquabike Championship – Round 1

SKI Division GP 1

1st – Raphael Maurin (France)

2nd – Steven Dauliach (France)

3rd – Salman Younis Abdulwahid Al Awadhi (UAE)

Runabout GP3 (UAE Nationals Only)

1st – Salim Mohsin Al Yafi’ee (UAE)

2nd – Khalifa Ebrahim Almarzouqi (UAE)

3rd – Amer Abdelrazzar Hawair (UAE)

SKI Division GP2

1st – Sultan Eisa Al Hamadi (UAE)

2nd – Abdulla Abdulrahman Al Hamadi (UAE)

3rd – Salem Ayman Al Mutawa (Kuwait)

Runabout GP2

1st – Salman Younis Abdulwahid Al Awadhi (UAE)

2nd – Sultan Eisa Al Hamadi (UAE)

3rd – Khalid Sulaiman Ibrahim Al Mazmi (UAE)

Veterans GP2 2 Stroke

1st – Mohamed Maizer Almarri (UAE)

2nd- Huraiz Almur Bin Huraiz (UAE)

3rd – Ghanim Khamees Almarri (UAE)

SKI Junior GP 3 3.3

1st – Ahmed Eisa Ahmed Al Hamadi (UAE)

2nd – Naser Nadir Alrajeeb (Kuwait)

3rd – Hamid Eisa Al Hamadi (UAE)

SKI Junior GP 3 3.2

1st – Rashid Salim Tahir (UAE)

2nd – Faris Ibrahim Ramadhan (Kuwait)

3rd – Suhail Rashid Al Tayer (UAE)

SKI Junior GP 3 3.1

1st –Saoud Mahmoud Naser Al Awdh (UAE)

2nd – Ali Eisa Mohd. Al Ali (UAE)

3rd – Omer Eisa Ahmed Al Hamadi (UAE)

Runabout GP4

1st – Ahmed Eisa Ahmed Al Hamadi (UAE)

2nd – Abdulla Abdulrahman Alhamadi (UAE)

3rd – Bader Ahmed Ahmed (Kuwait)

Runabout GP1

1st – Mohamed Ebrahim Bu Rabie (Kuwait)

2nd – Rashid Suhail Al Tayer (UAE)

3rd – Abdulrahman Ghazi Al Omer (Kuwait)

Hydro- Fly (Flyboard Competition)

1st – Manea Habeeb Jasim Al Marzouqi (UAE)

2nd – Majid Habeeb Al Marzouqi (UAE)

3rd – Mohamed Ishaq (UAE)

Free Style

1st – Abduljaleel Ali Al Awadh (UAE)

2nd – Mohamed Saeed Alhamli (UAE)

3rd – Majid Habeeb Al Marzouqi (UAE)

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