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There will be no record attempts at Coniston this year

The organisers of the Coniston Power Boat Records Week have today announced on their Facebook page that they will not be hosting an event this year.

Coniston Water has a 10 mph speed limit, although a local byelaw allows for records attempts to be made under the sanction of the Royal Yachting Association (RYA).

However, the RYA stood down as the national governing body at the end of last year and their successor, the British Power Boat Association (BPBA) have not been able to adjust the byelaw with the Lake District National Park Authority (LDNPA).

From the Coniston Power Boat Records Week statement:

It was hoped that minor amendments in the wording to the Byelaw would be an acceptable solution, however, in the latest meeting with the National Park we have been informed that there can be no alternative to the full consultation and ministerial approval process.

Going forward, we have commenced the process to revise the Byelaw but this is a lengthy process and includes review and approval from the Secretary of State, a process that will take several months.

The organisers of the iconic event in the Lake District are hopeful to have the situation resolved for their 2020 Records Week.

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