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Talk show rivalry

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Frode Sundsdal’s Sunday night talk shows have featured guests from F1H2o, next weekend, the eccentric Norwegian chat show host will be broadcasting a UIM F2 special.

Sundsdal speaking from his improvised broadcast studio on the outskirts of Tonsberg commented on the change of guests:

I am a F2 racer and organiser and it was about time that I featured my class.

Sundsdal’s live stream broadcasts have proved particularly popular, it’s probably the first time that racers have given long form interviews to the media.

So popular in fact that F1H2o commentator, Steve (The Voice) Michael, will start his new interview series this Wednesday.

Steve has given me plenty of help and has provided questions for my guests, in return I have shown him what technology to use for his broadcasts.

Michael is a well prepared, consummate professional who would have been commentating on his 25th season of F1H2o racing this year but for the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Floridian’s opening guests will be former Team Abu Dhabi team-mates, Erik Stark and Shaun Torrente.

Sundsdal has yet to confirm his Sunday night guest line-up but assured me that he will have some big names from F2.

We may not have any racing, but now we have have some talk show rivalry!

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