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Stefan Hagin will race in Abu Dhabi

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Stefan Hagin will be racing in Abu Dhabi, the German who currently lies fifth in the 2019 UIM F2 World Championship made the surprise announcement today.

Hagin who won in Tonsberg back in August, will be driving the DAC that Alberto Comparato won the world championship with last year.

It was thought unlikely that he would compete in the UAE after his boat was badly damaged in Portugal after he barrel rolled out of the race, however, an offer to race for the Dillard Racing team was made, and Hagin now has the opportunity to compete for silver and bronze medals.

I spoke to Hagin today and asked him:

Silvia Borgonovi: How did the decision of taking part in the last race of the 2019 season came about?

Stefan Hagin: We decided to form a partnership for this race.

Silvia Borgonovi: You will be driving for the Dillard Racing team meaning you will switch to a DAC boat, how do you feel about driving a different boat you’ve never tested before?

Stefan Hagin: You are right, I have never raced a DAC and have never tested this one before, it will be interesting!

I will have to see how I can handle it on the water and I need some time in the cockpit.

Silvia Borgonovi: How do you think your taking part in the last race is going to affect the championship standings and do you think you can manage to get podium?

Stefan Hagin: If all is perfect and I feel good in the boat of course I can go to the podium as we have seen this season, that I am fast enough for it.

It’s still possible to become the UIM F2 vice world champion from the points.

Never say never!

The UIM F2 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi will be held over 6-7 December.

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Silvia Borgonovi

Silvia graduated at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia with a degree in European languages (English, German, Spanish and Portuguese) and Cultures.

She has been attending powerboat races since she was 6 months old!

Her father Giacomo, is the chairman of the Formula Committee, is a member of UIM’s Cominsport and a former Italian Powerboat Federation (FIM) circuit president.

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