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Stark describes electric powered Candela as a ‘Cadillac’

Stockholm boat builder, Candela have built and designed an electric boat with speed and range on par with a fossil fuel boat.

The hydro foiling Candela Seven can often outperform planing boats in comfort and silence, whilst the digital flight controller keeps it flying above big waves, without rolling or heaving, even in strong sidewinds and choppy conditions

F1H2o racer, Erik Stark tested the boat in the late Swedish summer and described the boat as a ‘Cadillac’ and he was genuinely surprised and impressed with the Candela’s performance.

The key to long range is the patented hydrofoil system, that lifts the hull above the water’s surface and reduces hydrodynamic friction by 80 percent, compared to a traditional planing hull.

While flying, the Candela Seven is actively stabilized by computers and sensors.

The onboard computer adjusts the foils continuously to balance the inherently unstable craft in rough seas, sidewinds, resulting in a superbly stable boat that doesn’t roll or slam.

With a top speed of 30 knots and a range of 50 NM at 22 knots, Candela looks to be one of the first viable high-speed electric craft in the current market place.

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