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Stanley Gibbons Investment Race Series

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Event 2 of the 2017 Stanley Gibbons Investment Race Series got underway at the weekend with 10 boats signed up to take part.

Crews were greeted early Saturday morning by a light breeze and Sun, perfect conditions for the North Beach Outer course.

Competitors made their way to the muster area ahead of the crowd that had gathered on the East Arm Wall and the entire fleet took part in a minute silence in honour of the late Colin Guille.

Teams then continued on the parade lap and up to muster. Within minutes the fleet were heading towards the first turn with 2-86 Jubbly, driven by Hugh Donnelly quickly taking the lead followed by Andrew Marshman and Pierre Petit in 2-909 Warpath.

Not far behind was James Roussel and Jamie Marquand in 1-116 The Flying Dutchman, a boat name very fitting for this hull, this team ended their race after spinning a prop bush therefore having no choice but to retire and get recovered back to the pits.

Patrick and Phil Dewe in Z-27 Dewpacabra were right on this team’s tail coming into the first turn and chased them down throughout.

Further back in the fleet came Paul Etasse and Chris Stonebridge in A-61 Slayer having a great battle with John Richardson and Nathan Ward in Easy Emily 2.

Chris Bates and navigator Jon Le Page were fighting it out with Gareth Keast and Quentin Petit of A-92 The Governor with B-88 Dirty Deeds, Sue Cosgrave and Jai Rive having a great race against Katie Sauvarin in Z-38.

Guard boats worked tirelessly to hold back boats coming in and out of the Qe2 marina and all was looking great until suddenly Easy Emily 2 was seen to roll inbetween turns 2 and 3, safety crews quickly got to the scene and pulled the crew from the water.

This then meant a ‘re start was required as a red flag had been flown.

With Easy Emily 2 being towed back to st Peter port the ‘re start got underway with the following results at the end of race duration …

Club 1 / 2
1st 2-86 Jubbly
2nd 2-909 Warpath

Class 3
1st A-61 Slayer
2nd A-92 The Governor
3rd B-22 Bad Influence
4th B-88 Dirty Deeds

Z Class
1st Z-27 Dewpacabra
2nd Z-38

Day 2 started much the same as day 1 with great weather predicted and teams in high spirits.

The crew from Easy Emily 2 had worked through the evening to ensure they would be back out for Sunday and The Flying Dutchman now had a new prop bush. Chris Bates and Jon Le Page from Bad Influence had issues with the nose cone becoming detached on Saturday but had purchased and fitted a replacement in order to go racing.

Racing got underway without a hitch and on top form as always was Hugh Donnelly and Matt Kershaw in Jubbly storming into the lead with a massive gap forming straight away. The Flying Dutchman and Warpath were battling it out behind the leader putting on a great show for the crowd.

In the lead of class 3 Paul Etasse and Chris Stonebridge in Slayer were having no problems pulling away from the fleet and having a race with Patrick and Phil Dewe in Z Class hull Dewpacabra and Club 1 entrants Warpath.

Gareth Keast and Quentin Petit in the Governor were undoubtedly having the most fun and best racing between themselves and Bad Influence, it looked as though The Governor was going to take the lead until a massive cruiser wake forced the two teams skyward and ultimately ended in John Richardson and Nathan Ward, the crowds favourites this weekend, clawing back time and taking 2nd place for class 3 even without operating gauges.

Sue Cosgrave and Jai Rive in Dirty Deeds had a great race with Katie Sauvarin and Partner of Jai, Kirsty Savident, in Z-38 throughout the 45 minutes with a minimal time difference between the two boats.

Club 1-2
1st Jubbly
2nd The Flying Dutchman
3rd Warpath

Class 3
1st Slayer
2nd Bad Influence
3rd Easy Emily 2
4th The Governor
5th Dirty Deeds

Z Class
1st Z-27
2nd Z -38

The next Event is July 15/16th and teams will be taking part in the new courses designed for the up and coming world championships in September.

Photos: Andrew Le Poidevin /

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