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Silverline Bullet Lays Down Orestone Challenge Marker

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Drew Langdon and Miles Jennings averaged 108.54 mph in Silverline Bullet over ‘The Orestone Challenge’, an 18 nautical mile course set off England’s West Country.

The speed run was sanctioned by the Exmouth Powerboat and Ski Club (EPBSC) and their timekeepers were present at the Fairway Buoy and The Orestone to record the Mercury powered Outerlimits’ record.

The EPBSC have set 5 classes that can compete for record speeds across the course, Class 1 – 29ft and above, Class 2 – 22ft – 28ft, Class 3 – 15ft – 21ft, Class 4 – 15ft and below and Class 5 – Personal Watercraft.

After Langdon and Jennings’ record Class 1 time, sea conditions worsened when David Foa and Charles Swales made their run.

The pairing recorded an average speed of 56.15 mph in their 27’ twin Mercury outboard powered Revenger RIB in Class 2.

The records runs were made in association with Champagne Laurent-Perrier and the bubbly company will be awarding both teams with prizes at the EPBSC Diner & Dance later this year.

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