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A Saturday lunch trip on the River Saone

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I had the pleasure of meeting with Gordon Cook in Tønsberg, Norway recently.

He told me that he was offering rides in his David Burgess built and designed boat at various venues across Europe this summer to give paying passengers their first taste of ‘real speed’ on the water with the added aim of promoting powerboat racing.

I travelled down with Cook’s team to Mâcon in France last weekend to report on the UIM F2 World Championship race and in equal measure to take a ride in the Burgess hull on French water.

My first impression of Gordon Cook with his back-up team of John Masters and Martyn Moore was one of total professionalism.

They make sure the boat is safe to give rides to the general public, have full insurance in place and permissions to run with safety cover from the local Event Organisers.

Having never raced in Circuit Powerboat Racing, I was fairly eager to get strapped into the cat and be chauffeured over 3 laps by the former motor racer.

It was an absolute blast that left a grin on my face for the rest of the weekend!

The sixty something French passengers that paid for their rides after my trip were in full agreement, a beautiful French lady said to me after her experience, ‘We have Disneyland Paris, you English have Gordon’s boat. C’est bon’!




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