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Salutations for Multispark

Tom Williams-Hawkes and Mike Littler won the first round of the 2021 UKOPRA ThunderCat championship in Poole this afternoon.

The Multispark / Rock Oil driver Williams-Hawkes told me after the 41.50 mile race:

It’s was nice and yeah a bit choppy, but nice good water and good fun.

It has taken a while to get into the position of being able to win again with a lot of work and effort that has been put into the boat.

Mike’s a pretty experienced co-pilot, he’s knows what he’s doing and getting the nose down.

Scott Kershaw and Sean Hemans Photo: Mike Powell

Littler added:

We kept kept it level and just powered on through.

Lewis Huddy and Joe Spencer Photo: Mike Powell

Team Endeavour Racing #63 crewed by Scott Kershaw and Sean Hemans were second while Lewis Huddy and Joe Spencer took third in Elite Racing.


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