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RYA clarifies Bristol situation

The Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees excited fans with the prospect of a return of circuit racing to the docks in a recent speech in which he set out a four-year vision for the city.

There was plenty of speculation as to who had suggested the return of the race to the mayor and was it viable or even safe?

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) have now issued a statement;

The RYA can confirm that no authorised person or club has made contact with the relevant local authorities in Bristol which leads us to believe that the RYA & the sport has been incorrectly represented in these misleading discussions.

The event in Bristol is an important part of Powerboat Racing history and we remember the positive contribution to the local area and exciting entertainment that it provided for the public and competitors. The venue has provided the sport with plenty of good memories, pictures, footage and stories that are all fondly remembered.

Sadly, we also remember the more unpleasant aspects of this venue which we must never forget when addressing one of the most important aspects of our sport, safety. What was acceptable in the past is often not compatible with modern safety requirements and Bristol Docks falls into this category.

Since racing ceased at this venue, there has been no major redevelopment work to make the area previously raced on more suitable for our requirements. This is unlikely to ever happen and would be an unreasonable expectation for tens of millions of pounds to be spent for a minority purpose.

Therefore we confirm that the decision previously taken to refrain from racing at this venue still remains in place as there has been no significant infrastructure changes made in order for the decision to be reviewed.

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