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Racing in Japan with BOATRACE

Powerboat Racing World will start to cover BOATRACE from Japan this season, a sport that has been going for 70 years with racing that takes place in 24 stadiums across the country.

The first race held in Japan was back in April 1952 at the BOATRACE Stadium in Omura City, Nagasaki and was launched during great economic and social hardship in the country as it worked to recover from the destruction of World War II.

The sport is rooted in tradition from this time, most noticeably by utilising the original wooden boat design since inception.

With a nod to Japanese art and culture, BOATRACE racers compete in lightweight, wooden boats that are hand cut, carefully crafted and only 1,600 are assembled each year.

Each raceboat is powered by a stock 400cc engine and all of the rigs are assembled and tested at Yamato Motors, the exclusive manufacturer of the BOATRACE boats and engines.

Boats under construction at the Yamato factory in Japan

The motors are retired after only one season, the Yamato Motor Company then recondition them and a small handful are shipped to the US and Europe where they are used in competition again.

In each race, six boats race over three laps hitting 50 mph around a 1,800 meter course and each lap is 600 meters.

This week DYNAMITE BOATRACE kicks off its summer competition schedule (May 26-31) with the 47th BOATRACE All Star SG Series in Osaka, Japan, our race preview is < here >

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