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Palfreyman defies all the odds to compete at the UIM F2 World Championship in Tønsberg

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After breaking two hulls in the two of the three rounds of this year’s UIM F2 World Championship, Matt Palfreyman’s confidence remains undiminished.

The 2015 UIM F2 Silver Medallist ‘galvanised’ his team and with hundreds of hours of work, favours and good money spent, the hard charging British Racer has made the Entry List for this weekend’s race in Tønsberg, Norway.

Massimo Roggiero has re-built Palfreyman’s BaBa hull in super quick time after a ‘racing accident’ during Round 3 of the 2016 UIM F2 World Championship in Tvedestrand last month.

Just when the impossible was looking possible, Palfreyman, his brother (Radio Man) Graham and sister-in-law April were trapped on the Britain’s M6 Motorway in a huge traffic jam with no hope of getting to their intended flight to Norway from London.

The ‘hardy team’ made a 180° turn and booked biblically priced flights from Manchester Airport and hit Scandinavian soil just in time to be told their train connection from Oslo to Tønsberg was cancelled.

Our photograph shows the ‘Plucky Brits’ wending their way by foot to this weekend’s UIM F2 World Championship round.

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