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Powerboat World – Norwegian International Boat Show 2017

The 2017 Norwegian International Boat Show will open its doors next Wednesday to the general public. For the Powerboat Racing fan, the Lillestrøm based indoor exhibition, should be a dream come true. Nearly 800 square meters of exhibiting space has been allotted to ‘Powerboat World’, a show case of Norwegian raceboats. The Norges Motorsportforbund (NMF), will be displaying their, ‘Class of 2016′. UIM 3C World Champion, Jan Trygve Braaten’s Twister cat will take pride of place alongside Inge Lund’s Ocke Mannerfelt designed and built UIM Class 3A World Speed Record holder. The Norwegian Governing body will also have boats from UIM classes, GT15, GT30, V60 and P750 in Lillestrøm. The ‘Powerboat World’ space will also feature Norway’s favourite racer and singer’s Marit Strømøy Racing Team, Preben Sørensen’s latest Predator hull and a Victory Team catamaran. Before the Show opens to the public, a press conference…

Prime international watersports events headed for Fujairah

Thousands will flock to the emirate of Fujairah to witness the best of the best in the water sports arena. That’s the goal of Rooster Tail – the sports and entertainment company that signed a ground-breaking partnership with the Fujairah International Marine Club at the Novotel hotel in Fujairah today. The three-year agreement will see Rooster Tail Sports and Entertainment tasked with promoting Fujairah as the go-to destination for international water sports. This will involve bringing high-profile international events to the east coast city of the United Arab Emirates, including sports such as sailing, rowing, surfski, kite surfing and powerboating. Also part of the deal is the development and promotion of corporate sailing events as well as the support to grow further the Youth Training Centre at the Fujairah International Marine Club (FIMC) which was launched in October 2016. This…

NEXA P1 Powerboat Indian Grand Prix of the Seas – At a glance

The first race course on water – An inner and an outer lane were made up from more than 6,000 buoys. At the end of the event the inner and outer lanes were joined together to attempt a Guinness Book of World Records attempt for the most buoys ever laid on water. Pilots from Great Britain, USA, India, Italy, Belgium and Australia were represented. The first powerboat race in Mumbai for 13 years. Nine hours of live TV coverage on Sony ESPN. A $125,000 prize purse.

Luhrmann reboots XCAT Series with the UIM

The Offshore Powerboat Teams Association (OPTA), founded in November 2016 by Australian Brett Luhrmann and the UIM agreed last weekend in Monaco to join forces to organise and promote the XCAT Series (Offshore Class 3S) after the previous promoter, Dubai based World Professional Powerboating Association (WPPA) , failed to renew their mandate. A joint platform has been formed, comprising of OPTA President Luhrmann, UIM Secretary General Thomas Kurth and the UIM Head of President Office Riccardo La Cognata. The two entities have started dialogue, which has taken the UIM and Teams to the creation of a common platform, which will eventually assume the organisation and promotion of a series of international Class 3 races for the 2017 season and beyond. The first step in the process will be the announcement of an international  2017 racing calendar, Luhrmann hopes this will be in the next couple of weeks.

Team 33 – Best of the Cape Town International Pro Stock competitors

Eben de Bod and Gerhoud Fernhout were crowned as 2017 UIM P750 Pro Stock World Champions yesterday. The team from Robertson in South Africa showed consistency throughout the 3 disciplines Surf, Long Haul and Circuit, with two third places and a second. South African teams filled the podium places and the top positions up to 8th, Brits Blìgh Julius and Charlie Hatfield / Team 33 MultiSpark Racing, were the best of the overseas competitors with a 9th place overall. The BrandFuel sponsored outfit’s Team Manager Glenn Julius commented on their 3rd place in the circuit racing; We had torrid luck through the Surf and Long Haul disciplines although the boys never gave up and pushed into the flat racing stages with a boat that was bruised and battered, the months of training paid off at last! Team 33 showed the rest of the world their boat handling skills and tactical…

Julius and Hatfield find their true form

Raynor Becker and Michael van Geems were the ‘Class of the field’ today in the circuit discipline of the 7 Stars UIM P750 Pro Stock World Championship. South African teams took the top 5 places, followed by Brits Blìgh Julius and Charlie Hatfield / Team 33 MultiSpark Racing. The BrandFuel sponsored outfit have had a torrid time in Cape Town so far, today Lady Luck graced the team with an appearance. Team Manager Glenn Julius told me this evening; The guys were drawn in competitive heats with major competition from both the Swedish and South African boats. A ‘mid range draw’ with a great start in Heat 1 from third to second, using intelligent team work and using the extender lap to their advantage in both heats gave us two second places. Bligh Julius who has been on a strict diet and fitness regime leading up to this Championship, supped a cold…

Niemand’s Long Haul Win – Heartbreak for Team 33 Multispark

Johan Niemand and Brendon Langeveld were the overall winners of the Long Haul discipline of the 7 Stars UIM P750 Pro Stock World Championship today in Cape Town. They were closely followed by Dreyer and JD van Niekerk in the Moku Racing / Marshmallow BobKat. Moku Racing’s other team, driven by Brit Darryn Harrison took a worthy 15th place overall. Harrison drove through the pain barrier after suffering a knee injury on Sunday. The other British team, Bligh Julius and Charlie Hatfield felt the pain 50 m after the start. Julius told me this evening;   We were hit by another boat which burst our starboard tube. Bang race over! The team put in a protest after the race in the knowledge that the boat that ‘took out’ the BrandFuel sponsored Team 33 was disqualified for dangerous driving. The protest was rejected and thrown out…

Tension mounts in Cape Town

It was a ‘lay day’ today during the 7 Stars UIM P750 Pro Stock World Championship and it has only heightened the tension among the Pro Stock teams, before tomorrow’s 150 km ‘Long Haul’. ‘What prop do we use’, ‘How will the weather be in the bay?’, ‘Have we planned for enough fuel’, ‘Is the boat ready?’, ‘What is the course’, were all questions the teams were asking today. ‘Do the South African teams have the home advantage?’ Bligh Julius and Charlie Hatfield in the BrandFuel sponsored Team 33 MultiSpark Racing boat know the answer to that question, Julius told me tonight; We are certainly going to show them that we are are up for the challenge! It’s going to be lumpy tomorrow, add two mandatory fuel stops on the beach in and out through the surf, 150 km of racing and if Charlie and I…

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