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OCRDA Aqua Adrenaline Series concludes successful season at Plymouth

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Bob McCarthy, Chairman of the Offshore Circuit Racing Drivers Association (OCRDA), added icing to the ‘Aqua Adrenaline Tour’ cake when he attracted a 24 boat fleet to compete in the final Event of the season at Plymouth last weekend.

On Saturday, Tom Montgomery-Swan raced his Spectre 32R hull – ‘SUNUS Ocean Racing’ against more nimble and smaller entries.

Montgomery-Swan told me today;

It wasn’t a surprise that I won both races on Saturday with my power advantage, what surprised me was the skill and speed of the other OCRDA teams. They are quick!


Montgomery-Swan’s co-driver, Bligh Julius is better know for his prowess in a P750 ThunderCat;

The Spectre 32R is amazing! Tom let me eat a few pies during the race, it’s the first time I have combined my 2 hobbies, eating and powerboat racing!

Mark Mawby has impressed throughout the 2016 Aqua Adrenaline Tour, Graham Lawton / Darren Douthwaite took overall honours and Alan Power’s new Power Marine hull is most impressive.

However, Event Organiser McCarthy’s ‘Will Power’ has driven this series over every hurdle.

Perhaps he is the true winner?

Photos: Tim Tapping

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