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Norway’s Andre Solvang Wins the UIM 2019 GT30 World Championship

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Norway’s Andre Solvang won the UIM 2019 GT30 World Championship in Kotka, Finland today.

After the results were made official, Solvang said:

I can now change my number from 69 to 1!

Stefan Arand who became the very first UIM Class 3J World Champion in Öregrund, Sweden at the end of July, added another medal to his 2019 collection.

The Estonian took Silver while William Sjöström, who won the first 2 heats, had to be satisfied with Bronze.

2019 UIM GT30 World Championship

DriverCountryHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Heat 4Total
Andre SolvangNOR169225400300925
Stefan ArandEST22530300400925
William SjöströmSWE4004001395895
Adam WrenklerSWE30030017DSQ617
Tino SepallaFIN53127225169521
Eglītis RenārsLAT179169225411
Tino LehtoFIN12795DSQ127349
Ruben AndersonNOR9571127DSQ293
Aivar KommisaarEST7539530178
Karol SoodlaEST0169DSQDNF169
Jooana TikkaFIN13405371164
Mantas KukcinaviciusLTU221371DNS106
Jenni RantalaFIN9223053105
Kimi EskelinenFIN57404087
Sami ReinikainenFIN710DNSDNS71
Noel VanttinenFIN40179DNS66
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