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Norway takes 7 World Speed Records

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Just a few weeks after Coniston Records Week, the Norwegian’s held their speed attempts last Saturday in the Kilsund area.

Frode Sundsdal set an incredible 4 World Records in UIM Aquabike GP 1,2,3 & 4 and narrowly missed out on the Enduro 1h – UIM F2 World beating time.

Sundsdal was ‘in and out’ of meetings all day today and couldn’t supply me with his times in time for this article to be posted before the Western World went to bed, thanks to all others from Norway that have contributed.

Inge Lund raised the Offshore UIM Class 3A record to 77.20 mph, beating the speed recently set by Jack Bobin on Coniston Water by a staggering 3.19 mph.

Jonas Hansen bettered Sweden’s Fredrik Groth Fyrö Offshore UIM Class 3B record by 1.77 mph.

The UIM P750 ThunderCat Pro – Stock – World Speed Record which was established last year by 2015 World Champion James Tapp at 62.99 mph was soundly beaten.

Torstein Skaali added 5.76 mph for an impressive 68.75.

Tapp told me when hearing of the new record;

My record couldn’t have gone to a nicer guy.

World Records set


UIM Class 3A – World Speed Record – 77.20 mph

A66 – Inge Lund and Adrian Aasvik (NOR)

Old Record – 74.01 mph – Jack Bobin (GBR)


UIM Class 3B – World Speed Record – 86.82 mph

B94 – Jonas Hansen and Tomas Martinsen (NOR)

Old Record – 85.05 mph – Fredrik Groth Fyrö (SWE)



UIM P750 ThunderCat Pro – Stock – World Speed Record – 68.75 mph

Torstein Skaali and Rasmus Söderholm (NOR)

Old Record – 62.99 mph – James Tapp (GBR)



UIM Aquabike GP 1 – World Speed Record

Frode Sundsdal (NOR)

UIM Aquabike GP 2 – World Speed Record

Frode Sundsdal (NOR)

UIM Aquabike GP 3 – World Speed Record

Frode Sundsdal (NOR)

UIM Aquabike GP 4 – World Speed Record

Frode Sundsdal (NOR)

Records subject to UIM ratification

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