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Mercury Racing dual fuel calibration technology

Mercury Racing has extended its state-of-the-art dual fuel calibration technology to the popular 1350 sterndrive.

Power output is controlled via interchangeable electronic key fobs at the dash.

The engine pumps out its advertised one thousand three hundred and fifty horsepower on 91 octane fuel when the 1350 horsepower fob is engaged.

Engaging the 1100 horsepower fob reduces the octane requirement to 89 or rec 90 to allow operation in areas where premium fuel availability is unknown. Consumers are responsible for making sure they have the correct fuel grade in their tank when running in 1350 mode. Both fuel calibrations provide maximum torque and efficiency and are designed to optimize engine performance at each power level.

The electronic fobs work off Mercury’s Theft Deterrent System (TDS). The power specific key fobs provide the operator visual cues via an interactive VesselView display. One key fob controls the horsepower output of multiple engines within the boat.

The Theft Deterrent System disables the vessel when an assigned electronic key is not engaged. The net result is a fully integrated control system with unique, switchable engine calibrations.

The Dual Calibration 1350/1100 is the latest generation of Mercury Racing’s exclusive QC4 (quad cam four valve) engine platform and shares many of the features that come with the Dual Calibration 1550 – including the high styled carbon fiber top and front covers.

The 9.0-liter quad cam four valve (QC4) cylinder block and head design, combined with SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS), provides big power with luxury-car-like drivability.

Available for immediate delivery, the 1350/1100 engine enhances consumer value by offering essentially two engines in one; both backed by a 1-year limited factory warranty.

Suggested US retail price for the engine packaged with the M8 sterndrive is $216,605.

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