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Matthew Caldwell in serious accident

Caldwell Racing Technologies president Matthew Caldwell was involved in a serious accident when demonstrating the CRT 2.5 BILLET Engine on a BaBa hull yesterday.

Caldwell was rushed to hospital for an emergency operation to reattach his ankles, he is currently in an intensive care unit and more surgery is expected.

2018 UIM F1H2o World Champion and fellow American Shaun Torrente commented on the accident:

The person driving did not strap in and utilize the safety capsule as intended.

He is really lucky to be alive.

If the capsule is used properly there is over an 85% chance you will walk away unharmed.

If you crash a capsule boat without strapping in, 95% of the time you won’t have to worry about drowning because you will already be dead or so badly injured it won’t matter.

The motor that he was using has been built by Caldwell Racing Technologies and was first seen in 2016, since then there has been an extensive test programme.

The engine was shipped to the UIM F1H2o race in Abu Dhabi last year, however it couldn’t be used due to lack of homologation papers.

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