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Lijcs takes UIM F4 Pole – Lehtonen has a mountain to climb

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Tuukka Lehtonen has a mountain to climb this afternoon in the sixth and final round of the 2018 UIM F4 World Championship.

The Finn came into the weekend leading the championship, yesterday he damaged his boat and was unable to take part in Round 5.

Today after being quickest in Free Practice and Q1, he finally qualified fourth. 

Nikita Lijcs took a vital pole position, lies second in the World Championship, 10 points behind Morgan Jernfast who qualified fourth.

Q1 – UIM F4 World Championship Round 6 Qualifying

1) Tuukka Lehtonen 44.707
2) Nikita Lijcs 44.960
3) Quentin Dailly 45.301
4) Ben Jelf 45.377
5) Morgan Jernfast 45.957
6) Pierre Lambert 46.292
7) Xavier Autard 46.519
8) Attila Horváth 46.809
9) Camille Broutechoux 50.029
10) Paulius Stainys 1.05.007

Q2 – UIM F4 World Championship Round 6 Qualifying

1) Quentin Dailly 44.881
2) Tuukka Lehtonen 45.032
3) Nikita Lijcs 45.081
4) Morgan Jernfast 45.423
5) Ben Jelf 45.443
6) Xavier Autard 46.680
7) Pierre Lambert 47.092
8) Attila Horváth 47.236
9) Camille Broutechoux 50.358

Q3 – UIM F4 World Championship Round 6 Qualifying

1) Nikita Lijcs 44.190
2) Quentin Dailly 44.334
3) Morgan Jernfast 44.391
4) Tuukka Lehtonen 44.767
5) Ben Jelf 45.354
6) Xavier Autard 46.122


16:15 – 16:35 : Round 6 – 2018 UIM F4 World Championship
18:15 : Podium

2018 UIM F4 World Championship (after 5 rounds)

1st) Morgan Jernfast SWE 81 points
2nd) Nikita Lijcs LAT 71 points
3rd) Tuukka Lehtonen FIN 68 points
4th) Ben Jelf GBR 61 points
5th) Quentin Dailly FRA 56 points
6th) Paulius Stainys LTU 52 points
7th) Rudy Revert FRA 51 points
8th) Attila Horvath HUN 30 points

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Silvia Borgonovi

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Her father Giacomo, is the chairman of the Formula Committee, is a member of UIM’s Cominsport and a former Italian Powerboat Federation (FIM) circuit president.

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