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Jeremy Clarkson’s amphibious boat sunk!

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Jeremy Clarkson set a record on Coniston Water today, 47.81mph in the experimental amphibious unlimited class.

Clarkson was filming during the 2017 Coniston Power Boat Records Week for the new series of ‘The Grand Tour’ which will return to Amazon Prime on December the 8th.

The television presenter who earns £9.6 million a year with his 3 year Amazon deal, undertook secret RYA training a couple of months ago to ensure he was qualified for today’s attempt.

Once Clarkson had set the record, former UIM F2 World Champion Colin Jelf got behind the wheel of the ‘converted aquatic Bond Bug car’, hoping to up the record.

Sadly, the Uber experienced racer left ‘a few doors open’ on the hybrid craft on his first run and it started to take water, quickly.


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