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Guernsey Goulliot Passage challenge

Eleven teams will take part in Rounds 5 and 6 of the 2017 Stanley Gibbons Investment Race Series this weekend in Guernsey.

In preparation for the UIM Class 3 A and B World Championships to be held on the Island in September, local teams will have the chance to race through the ‘Sark Course’, featuring a run up to the infamous Goulliot Passage.

Club Class 1

3 teams will compete and without a doubt, the fastest of the bunch will be Jubbly, crewed by Hugh Donnelly and Matt Kershaw.

This team have really got to grips with the boat and they put on fabulous performances at each event.

Newcomers this year, but showing great skill paired with consistent improvement are James Roussel and Scott Walker in 1-116, The Flying Dutchman, a fitting name for this Rig!

Jersey entrant Andrew Marshman with ‘stand in’navigator Pierre Petit, will compete in Warpath, a Phantom 21’ that was purchased from Guernsey last year.

Z150 Club Class

Brothers Patrick and Phillip Dewe in Z-27 Dewpacabra are consistently showing they have the set up finely tuned and are keeping up, if not overtaking, boats in faster classes.

I will be racing with a new Navigator, Rachel Le Page and we will be taking part in Z-121 Me Too!

The third and final entrant in Z class is Katie Sauvarin in Z-38, the lady racer will have two different navigators this weekend, Kirsty Savident and Jamie Rive.

Club Class 3

Five entrants will be gaining valuable knowledge and understanding of the complicated courses.

B-22 Bad Influence, driven by Chris Bates and paired with Navigator Jon Le Page have never raced to Sark before.

After a great recovery and some serious team work, John Richardson and Nathan Ward in 3-48 Easy Emily are back in the running for this event after a spill last Event which saw the boat roll over and the team in the drink.

After being so close to winning the 2016 World Championship, A-61 Slayer, Paul Etasse and Chris Stonebridge will be taking extra notes on the courses in preparation for this year’s Worlds, hoping they have the edge on visiting competitors.

B-88 Dirty Deeds has the usual team of Mark Terry and Sue Cosgrave back in action for this event, albeit, swapping seats this time around.

Sue had a great race last event and gained valuable experience in the set up and handling of the boat which she is hoping to show Mark this weekend.

The final entrant for this Event is Gareth Keast and Quentin Petit in A-92 The Governor.

This team are working great together and are learning both rough and flat water set ups in order to help them out in September.

Photo: Graham Stevens 1990 – Goulliot Passage


Stanley Gibbons Investment Race Series – Rounds 5 and 6

Saturday race start: 10.45
Sunday race start: 11.30

Viewing spots from Havelet Wall, Bathing Pools and The Cows Horn.

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