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Gordon cooks up a Lithuanian treat

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It’s fairly clear that Gordon Cook’s idea of offering rides in a Burgess built and designed 2Seater F1 boat is really ‘hitting the spot’.

Cook based in Rochester, Kent has purchased two 2Seater F1 hulls, one which demonstrated at the Lowestoft and Oulton Broad Powerboat Racing Club and another from former F1 World Champion, Jonathan Jones (article here).

Last weekend he took his 2Seater F1 to Lithuania to compliment the UIM F2 race.

Seventy five VIP’s and guest’s of the Event sponsors joined him for a ride around Lake Zaraso, the President of the Lithuanian Olympic Academy, Algirdas Raslanas (Top Photo) was one of the 75 that thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Linas Pernayas, the Lithuanian Police General Commissioner was another of Cook’s high speed passengers.

Linas Pernayas


When I was told that I would be taking someone out from the Police, I was expecting Sting to come on board!
I am very pleased with the interest in my 2Seater F1 venture. We are off to Macon in France next week to support the next round of the UIM F2 World Championship, if anyone would like a ride, just let me know.

For further details go to

Photos: Chris Davies-F2 Team Association

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