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Fabio Buzzi has a message

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Italian legend, boat designer, builder, racer and engineer Fabio Buzzi has a message;

Powerboating innovation isn’t dead.

Buzzi who last competed in Offshore Racing in 2010, has since been setting distance records.

The last of these was the Monte Carlo to Venezia World Record, set last July.

The Federazione Italiana Motonautica still will not sanction this record, there are too many politicians and not enough innovators in this sport.

But what of the 74 year old’s latest project?

I will be showing my new creation in public for the first time at the La Viareggio Bastia Viareggio – VBV Legend weekend on the 7th July.

Buzzi’s ‘project boat’ is absolutely stunning, the hull and equipment including the engine have been lovingly crafted and engineered at his FB Design HQ in Brianza.

Please don’t announce the news of my latest project just yet, we will keep them waiting.

The Maestro still has a flair for the dramatic, but moreover is one of the greatest talents to have ever been involved with powerboating.


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