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F1H2o regional India championship?

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Last week we reported that F1H2o are looking at holding a round of their championship in Mumbai, India.

Since then H2O Racing president, Nicolo di San Germano confirmed that Amaravati in India will be the host venue for the sixth round of the 2018 UIM F1H2o World Championship.

After that announcement was made, San Germano told Alaric Gomes of the Gulf News that a second venue in India would be a welcome addition for F1H2o.

India is a huge new market for powerboating and we are more than thrilled at this recent interest shown right from the government level.

All of us are ready and prepared.

We have the infrastructure, the teams, the boats, the drivers and an excellent team of experienced organisers who are capable of adding to the excitement of this popular powerboat championship.

And if we do have two venues we can always look at other options including a regional championship within a world championship.

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