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Energiza’s Great Race

Energiza won the 95 Mph class and were the first boat home at The Trinidad and Tobago Great Race held Saturday 24th.

The Trinidad and Tobago Powerboat Association organised 51st In­ter­na­tion­al Great Race ran from Williams Bay in Ch­aguara­mas, Trinidad to Store Bay Beach in Tobago.

Mr Solo Too were second overall and won the 130 mph class, the team’s 18th title in this race.

Ken Charles, the boat owner and driver told Jelani Beckles from Newsday that debris was a major challenge for the team this year and in pre-race testing the boat was damaged by flotsam.

We had a lovely race even though coming into Tobago during the last circuit we lost our proper lock but we were not surprised, because of our issues with debris on Wednesday.

The boat performed fantastically.

Our team did a fantastic job.

We started at 8 am, other classes started before us.

We finished the race and we are happy.

Energiza’s driver Sheldon Edghill was delighted and surprised by the team’s achievement.

He told Newsday:

It’s an amazing feeling; the fact that we won the 95 mph class is a great honour for us but added on to that we were the first boat to come into Tobago.

We are not all excited about the record time, we are just happy we made it to Tobago.

The team has been competing in the event for the last nine years and sees this year’s performance as one of their best.

To win the class is amazing, but to also come in first and set the first record is just putting the icing on the cake.

It was a very rough course, but after some time it started to calm down and that was when we decided we were going to push.

We eventually found out we were pushing harder than everybody else, so our main concern was not to break the boat so we push as hard as we could.

We have won the 50 mph, we have won the 70 mph and this is the first time we have won the 95 miles per hour.

Extreme Measures’ throttleman Johnathan Tardieu said his team limped to the finish line on one engine.

He described their victory in the 70 mph as a blessing:

We lost an entire gear care so we finished with one engine, we were almost on the verge of turning back to Trinidad to go home and wrap it up.

We decided we will work with one engine and wish for the best.

The amount of troubles we got, right now we are just glad we got to Tobago and finish.

We didn’t expect to set any record in our category.

He said despite the challenges the team is satisfied with their performance because:

Getting to Tobago is a big accomplishment in itself.

The team has been racing since 2006 and has marked this year’s accomplishment as its best performance over the years.

Tardieu said:

Time will tell if we will beat our own record.

He added that the goal for next year’s event is to finish the race ‘in one piece’.

He said the only change the team will be making is installing a faster engine to compete next year.

Trident walked away with the trophy in the 60 mph class and they were followed by Jesus is Coming who came in fourth overall and first in the 50 mph category.

Reporting: Jelani Beckles from Newsday

Photos: Robert Cadiz

51st In­ter­na­tion­al Great Race

130 mph Category

Mr Solo Too

95 mph Category


80 mph Category


Hero V

70 mph Category

Extreme Measures

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Infusion Hero IV


50 mph cruiser class

Jesus is Coming

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