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DelMedia to make British Offshore Racing film

Mathew Delorenzi-Waters with his company Del-Media will be producing a 21 minute documentary centered on the competitors of this June’s Offshore ‘Fortitudo Property Poole Bay 100’ race.

Delorenzi-Waters explains his vision:

Rather than just feature the actual race, I am very keen to film the drivers working in their day jobs beforehand, I want to produce a character driven documentary that will appeal not only to fans of the sport but a more general audience.
I’ve produced travel documentaries in the past and made video content globally but my true passion is to produce character based content around passionate people.

The Buckingham based Film maker originaly from Yorkshire is excited about the project:

Drones will be invaluable for filming the race boats we can supply GoPro camera’s to show different angles of the boats and competitors at speed in the extreme conditions.

Delorenzi-Waters expects the film to be ready by late summer:

We will offer the film initialy for international broadcast and then later publish it online.
For those competitors that would be interested in the making of the film, please contact me through Del-Media’s Facebook page.

The first of the filming is expected to start as early as next weekend, if the Great British weather is kind.

DelMedia Facebook

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