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Coniston – It’s not over yet

Since the Coniston Power Boat Records Week committee announced on Wednesday that they would not be hosting their annual event, there has been plenty of reaction to the news.

Coniston councillor Anne Hall told the North West Evening Mail:

It’s devastating for the businesses.

The bed and breakfasts and the hotels will suffer because a lot of people like going to the event.

The Lake District National Park Authority were also put on the back foot:

We are disappointed to learn that the organisers of Coniston Records Week felt that they needed to inform their members about the likely cancellation of the event for 2019.

However, the event may not be as terminal as first announced, in a social media post from the Records Week committee yesterday:

Further to our announcement on Wednesday, the committee have been in discussions with Executives from the Lake District National Park Authority and we are working through several options with the relevant statutory bodies.

It is very early in the process but all parties are working hard to find a resolution and enable this year’s event to take place.

The Lake District National Park Authority also sounded optimistic of finding a way through the bureaucratic nightmare that has ensued from naming the Royal Yachting Association on a local byelaw:

We are committed to working with them to see what alternative options, if any, could be put in place to enable this event to continue in some form in 2019, and certainly for future years.

The governing body of power boat racing in the UK (the Royal Yachting Association) announced in 2018 that they were no longer accrediting events from 1 January 2019 and this role would be taken over by the British Powered Boat Association.

Because of this change we need to work with the Coniston Records Week Committee to support them in following the required process to enable to vary the Byelaws to account for this change and to allow for the event to take place.

We are very supportive of the event taking place, and continue to work with them and to encourage their compliance with national safety regulations for events of this type.

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