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Galaxy Girls go ThunderCat Racing

The British ThunderCat Racing series has always taken great pride in their mission statement, ‘Racing For Inclusivity’, inspiring all to experience tough competition and great camaraderie. With that in mind, the ever popular P750 discipline welcomes a new all girl team – ‘Galaxy Girls / Ahmad Tea’ for the 2016 season. Lynsay Crellin, whose CV in ThunderCat racing ranks favourably alongside male competitors in this ‘Extreme Sport’, will head up the fledgling outfit as ‘Team Manager’ and ‘Mentor’ to a ‘rookie crew’ that has been selected by former offshore powerboat racer, Sarah Donohue. Sarah, who oversees the Miss Galaxy Universe contest, a fitness show based around performance and functionality, has chosen contestants Jo Foxx and Ria Pandey to race for the team. Both Jo and Ria have gone through the extensive ThunderCat training to enable their 2016 licences, although for…

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