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Gale force winds force Race Officials to postpone BRM Qualifying

Gale force winds and gusts in excess of 70 km/h forced race officials to postpone the first official practice sessions and BRM Qualifying until tomorrow. Nineteen boats and nine teams will line up for the start of a flagship series run by H2O Racing that will take them to France, China and back to Abu Dhabi and Sharjah for the final two races of the season in December, however the wind was just too strong to permit drivers safely on to the Arade River course on the Algarve. UIM Commissioner Luis Ribeiro said; The issue was not just the wind. We had the tides to content with and they dictate what we do. Where the circuit is set on the Arade River means we only go out at high tide or just below that period because of the depth of water. Luis…

Amaury Jousseaume est en attente

Amaury Jousseaume was in Saudi Arabia at the end of March competing as one of the 8 boats in the World Offshore Class3-225 Championship. It was the first time ever he had sat and throttled the Class 3 hull with Jérôme Brarda who currently races a 42-foot Supercat in the US. The French driver had to wait 3 days until daily storms finally subsided for the Championship to finally get underway. Starting in last place on the grid, Jousseaume throttled the boat to a UIM Bronze Medal. Switching from Offshore to Circuit, Jousseaume is experiencing déjà vu in Portimão as he looks forward to eventually putting his Maverick F1 Moore hull in the water for the first time. Jousseaum told Powerboat Racing World today; I only knew I would be racing for Maverick F1 2 weeks ago when Cedric Deguisne asked me to join the team. I had only planned to…

The Waiting Game

With winds still swirling around Portimão, F1 H2o organisers are forced to play a waiting game in the pursuit of putting boats on the water today. Weather forecasts indicate the wind to back off later and drivers were told at the morning briefing to be ready at a minutes notice for at least Official Practice and perhaps a BRM qualifying session. F1 H2o will be Live Streaming at 13.00 GMT +1 for a 30 minute special with the latest updates. Photo: Chris Davies John MooreJohn raced Offshore UIM Class 3 in the 1980’s & 1990’s. He served as the Cowes Torquay Cowes Event Director for 4 years, including running the 50 th Anniversary Event in 2010. He has recently organised 4 British Offshore races under UKOPRA sanction. He is the Editor of Powerboat Racing World. www.powerboatracingworld.com/

Atlantic Swell

The UIM F1 Atlantic team of Duarte Benavente and Grant Trask had time to spare during the inclement Portimão weather this afternoon. Chris Davies used this opportunity to take a shot of the whole team. Jeremy Brisset UIM F4-S, Trask and Benavente UIM F1 H2o, Stefan Hagin UIM F2 and Harvey Smith UIM GT15. Hagin from Germany will be moving up to compete in the final 2 F1 H2o races of the season with a full time seat penciled in for 2018. Harvey Smith has a progression within the team already mapped out and if things go well for the young Brit, we could one day see him competing at the highest level. John MooreJohn raced Offshore UIM Class 3 in the 1980’s & 1990’s. He served as the Cowes Torquay Cowes Event Director for 4 years, including running the 50 th Anniversary Event…

Can Seliö pull a rabbit out of the hat?

When 2 time UIM F1 World Champion Sami Seliö was preparing his team for this weekend’s opening round of the 2017 F1H2O series in Portimão, little did he realise that a small fluffy animal would cause a few sleepless nights. How could he transport the family rabbit back to Helsinki from his home in Tenerife? The Seliö family found that if they had a dog or a cat then Norwegian would allow them on board the flight, but not with a rabbit! Seliö spoke to Finnair and they said that the rabbit would need a pet passport and have a chip installed before it could travel. When we spoke to Seliö earlier today he confirmed that is was safely back in its Helsinki Hutch! Chris DaviesChris Davies ARPS, has been photographing and writing about powerboat racing since 1987. www.powerboatpix.co.uk/

Gillman joins the Victory parade

Scott Gillman’s Victory Team were busy preparing their challenge for 2017 F1H2o honours in Portimão. The 4 time UIM F1 World Champion who has only recently taken over running the Dubai outfit told Powerboat Racing World this morning that he is looking forward to working with fellow countryman Shaun Torrente. Torrente will be campaigning a Moore Formula hull, a similar design that has taken the top spot in the last 4 seasons. His team mate however, Ahmed Al Hameli, will be using a Massimo Roggiero designed and built BaBa boat. Roggiero confirmed that Al Hameli will be running a 2016 design with modifications including narrowing the tunnel. With two uber fast team mates we had to ask Gillman if there would be team orders; Don’t hit each other! Photos: Chris Davies John MooreJohn raced Offshore UIM Class 3 in the 1980’s & 1990’s. He…

F1H2o Portimão Weather Worries

With winds gusting up to 80 KPH on Thursday in Portimão, organisers eyes are on the weather forecast for this weekends F1H2o season opener in Portugal. Although the wind is expected to drop from a gale, up to Force 5 conditions are expected throughout this weekend. The first F1H2o Free Practice is slated for 14.00 – 16.00 GMT +1 today, if the forecasters have it wrong. Teams – Drivers CTIC F1 Shenzhen China 1 Philippe Chiappe (FRA) – Moore 2 Peter Morin (FRA) – Moore Victory Team 3 Ahmed Al Hameli (UAE) – BABA 4 Shaun Torrente (USA) – Moore Abu Dhabi 5 Thani Al Qemzi (UAE) – DAC 6 Alex Carella (ITA) – DAC 7 Rashed Al Qemzi (UAE) – DAC F1 Atlantic 9 Grant Trask (AUS) – DAC 10 Duarte Benavente (POR) – Moore Mad Croc BABA Racing 11 Sami Selio (FIN) –…

Team Abu Dhabi 3 boat F1 H2o challenge

After over four months of inactivity, the UIM F1 H20 World Championship roars back into life with the 16th Grand Prix of Portugal on the Arade River in Portimao this weekend. Team Abu Dhabi will field three boats in the highest echelon of the sport for the first time in a bid to win back the Teams’ Championship that it missed out on last year and to try to and win the prestigious Drivers’ Championship. Joining three-time World Champion Alex Carella and his experienced Emirati team-mate Thani Al-Qemzi will be the talented young Rashed Al-Qemzi, the runaway winner of last year’s UIM F4-S Trophy that ran as a feeder series to the UIM F1 H20 Championship. The team operating out of the Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club (ADIMSC) will join 16 other drivers from a further eight teams and…

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