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Cougar’s Currington has passed away

Peter Currington has passed away this morning at the age of 59.

Currington's name is as synonymous with Cougar Marine as its founder Clive Curtis, he was involved with the British boat building company for all of his working life and was incredibly proud of its achievements.

Raceboat designer Lorne Campbell analyses the double flip

Lorne Campbell has specialised in the design of high-speed powerboats since 1970 and his lines have been used to produce some of the most successful offshore racing catamarans.

He has been employed on occasion to analyse what has happened in high speed craft incidents and accidents, both racing and non-racing.

His job is to look at the physical evidence, try to work out the truth and to give an opinion as to which side, if any, is closest to it.

I asked Lorne to share his views on the dramatic double flip of Team Allen Lawn Care and LPC at Key West.

Cole McGowan talks to Miles Jennings

Miles Jennings, who joined Miss GEICO halfway through the 2019 season, has led an accomplished and exciting life, on and off the race course.

Here, the Miss GEICO driver speaks to me about his powerboat beginnings, personal interests, and what’s ahead.

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