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Electric dreams

Last week, PRW reported that the UIM E1 World Electric Powerboat Series has moved one step closer to racing after announcing that the development and manufacture of its electric RaceBird has been given the green light.

Mercury Marine – Firing On All 12

The very first V12 engine was built in 1904 by Putney Motor Works in London for powerboat racing, today, Wisconsin's Mercury Marine launched their very first V12 outboard motor, although this 600 horsepower beast is aimed at the big centre console market.

What’s happened to Italy’s nautical dreams?

Once upon a time in offshore racing, the stars of Italian offshore racing shined.

Italian pilots and teams paid to play or participated for pay, but all were in for the passion of the sport and the dream of taking home a generous purse with a trophy to match, and a cursory glance through vintage offshore history certainly validates the phenomenon.

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