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Guille ups UIM Offshore 3B World record

2014 UIM 3A World Champion, John Guille from Sark today raised the UIM Offshore 3B World record to 86.33mph at Coniston Water. Guille bettered Fredrik Groth Fyrö’s 85.05 mph set in 2015. The popular boat designer who was born on the Channel Island of Sark, was driving a Mercury powered Twister catamaran formally owned by Gustaf Lindén from Sweden. The boat has recently been purchased by the Motorvated Racing team. Team Manager Kerry Bobin said after the run: My son Jack took the UIM 3A World Record here last year, I’m thrilled that John has given the team another accolade this. Photo: Bryan Scott

Jeremy Clarkson’s amphibious boat sunk!

Jeremy Clarkson set a record on Coniston Water today, 47.81mph in the experimental amphibious unlimited class. Clarkson was filming during the 2017 Coniston Power Boat Records Week for the new series of ‘The Grand Tour’ which will return to Amazon Prime on December the 8th. The television presenter who earns £9.6 million a year with his 3 year Amazon deal, undertook secret RYA training a couple of months ago to ensure he was qualified for today’s attempt. Once Clarkson had set the record, former UIM F2 World Champion Colin Jelf got behind the wheel of the ‘converted aquatic Bond Bug car’, hoping to up the record. Sadly, the Uber experienced racer left ‘a few doors open’ on the hybrid craft on his first run and it started to take water, quickly.  

Coniston Records Week – Final Day

It was a fairly quiet end to another successful Coniston Records Week. Bob McCarthy increased his Club Class 2 record to 85.68 mph, while Tom Montgomery-Swan raised his Club Class Unlimited speed to 93.01 mph. Montgomery-Swan never slow in finding new publicity angles, unceremoniously stood down his co-driver Michał Galczewski from Poland and recruited Matt Palfreyman. Palfreyman, the 2016 UIM F2 European Silver Medalist couldn’t help his temporary team mate improve SUNUS Ocean Racing’s speed and commented afterwards; ‘It were bloody good that, I’ve decided to race in the Cowes Torquay Cowes next year and beat Tom and Michał’! If the Records set were impressive, the camaraderie between Circuit and Offshore racers was more so. The Event in its 46th year has lost none of its charm and mystique. SUNUS crew photo: Mike Van Huyssteen    

Coniston Records Week – Day 4

Offshore boats were at the center of attention today at Coniston. The ongoing battle between SUNUS Ocean Racing and Blastoff took another turn, Dorian Griffith upped the World and National Marathon C Class record to 88.47 mph. Griffith, pleased with his weeks work said after; That’s the best we can get, I’m going to travel home this afternoon very pleased. Tom Montgomery-Swan then replied as Griffith was heading down the M6 with a 89.21 to take back the National record. The boat was great, I have now removed 125 kg from it to try and go even faster tomorrow, I may even shave my beard off tonight. It’s going to be ‘appointment viewing’! The 3 Class 3A boats, all Phantom 19 g hulls were busy, none more so than Jack Bobin. The builder from Essex put down an average speed of 74.01…

Coniston Records – At a glance

Day 1 British F4 Record – Ben Jelf – 77.54mph World & Latvian JT250 Record – Endija Zaumane – 49.78mph World & British Runabout 1200 Modified Record Established – Darren Leeper – 69.62mph British Offshore Clubman 2 Record – Bob McCarthy – 67.60mph British Amphibious Experiment Record. – Rob Clemas – 39.08mph World & British O1000 Record – Ben Jelf – 79.24mph British Offshore Clubman 2 Record – Bob McCarthy – 69.38mph British Clubman Class 1 Record Established – Hugh Donnelly – 74.98mph World & British S1000 Record. – Ben Jelf – 76.80mph World & Latvian T250 Record – Endija Zaumane – 46.95mph British GT60 Record Established -Ben Morse – 50.95mph British National Clubman 1000 Cat Record – Ben Jelf – 77.90mph British Club Racing Unlimited Record Established – Tom Montgomery-Swan – 83.11mph Day 2 World & British PR3000 Record…

Coniston Records Week – Day 3

Tom Williams-Hawkes, the chef from Topsham in Devon set a new P750 Modified World Record at 71.37 mph. The ThunderCat racer with co-driver Ben Backhouse who normally excels in Endurance type races added top speed to his CV on the lake today. ‘We did plenty of damage to the engine during attempts on Monday and Tuesday and even had to have spare parts couriered to the Lake’. ‘They arrived just in time today for us to make the record breaking run’. Williams-Hawkes didn’t have time to celebrate, he had to return to his Topsham kitchen at The Salutation Inn.   Matt Palfreyman returned to the lake today after attending a business meeting in Ireland yesterday. He is aiming at the UIM F2 World Record of 132 mph, however his best so far is 120. I can’t get the hull to ‘release’.…

Coniston Records Week – Day 2

Day 2 of the 2016 Coniston Records Week featured the ongoing rivalry between two UIM Class 3 A teams – Motorvated and Slayer Racing. Jack Bobin’s Phantom 19 g took the British National speed record this time last year and beat Paul Etasse’s Slayer Racing into second place in Tvedestrand’s Class 3A World Championships in the summer of 2016. Etasse, from the Channel Island of Guernsey who races a similar Phantom 19 g hull, was in no mood to be in second place to Bobin again when he traveled north to the Lake District with the aim of capturing a World Speed Record. On Day 2 of Coniston Records Week, Etasse set a 72.75 mph bettering the established record by 1.17 mph. The laconic and in equal measure focused Bobin, who had driven overnight to compete at Coniston instantly replied by posting a 72.89 speed, but…

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