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Motorvated Racing win Bermuda Around the Island Race

Errin Butterfield and Shaki Easton steered their new Phantom 19G, Motorvated Racing to victory in the 2017 Rubis Around the Island Race. Kerry Bobin who rigged the hull in England earlier this year, said this evening: Errin and Shaki have mastered the hull perfectly. To add this prestigious win to the Motorvated Racing trophy cabinet is a real honour. I will be raising a glass of Dark ‘N’ Stormy to the boys tonight. Kim McCallan, Commodore of the Bermuda Power Boat Association said: Some of the competitors were unhappy that the race was run due to the conditions of the seas on South Shore. I will only cancel a race due to a hurricane, it certainly tested the crews!   Photo: Andrew Osborne Bermuda Powerboat Association 2017 Rubis Around the Island Race Results A Class A26 Errin Butterfield and Shaki Easton –…

Debut double win for Butterfield and Easton

Errin Butterfield and Shaki Easton took 2 class wins at Ferry Reach yesterday. The ‘Duo’ were competing in the first powerboat racing event of 2017 organised by the Bermuda Power Boat Association (BPBA). The start of the local season was delayed this summer by the 35th America’s Cup. With extra time to prepare, Butterfield and Easton had a new rig built and race prepared in England and shipped to Bermuda just in time for the season opener. Damon Simons who has 25 years of powerboat racing experience under his belt gave the crowds a scare during the first of two 30 minute races yesterday. After turning his Mannerfelt Design Bat Boat over on Mark ? the former Around the Island Race class winner said; I’m going to say it was driver error because I knew I was pushing the boat…

It’s a good weekend for Guille

When John Guille incorporated stepped ventilation to the bottom of a conventional Phantom 19 hull, few could have imagined just how successful the idea would be. Guille used the 2014 UIM 3A World Championship in Guernsey as a testing ground for the new incarnation. A few short days later, he was crowned World Champion. Since then, the hull design has taken UIM Gold and Silver medals, the last of those was only yesterday when Anton Modin and Susanne Jansson became the 2017 UIM Class 3A European Champions in Tvedestrand, Norway. Today, Errin Butterfield and Shaki Easton steered their new Phantom 19G, Motorvated Racing, to two A Class wins in the Bermuda Power Boat Association (BPBA) series (Race Report to follow). It’s not unknown for the modest designer to enjoy a celebration, but surely not on a Sunday night? Photo: Kim McCallan

Bermuda Offshore season set to get underway

The start of the Bermuda Offshore Racing season was delayed this summer by the 35th America’s Cup, however, tomorrow at 13.00 (GMT-3), the Bermuda Power Boat association (BPBA) will drop the green flag on 2017 competition. With a growing number of local racers using 115 hp power units, one particular entrant in that category is sure to attract interest. Errin Butterfield and Shaki Easton will be campaigning a brand new Mercury powered Phantom 19 G hull. The boat was built in Britain, rigged and race prepared by Motorvated Racing; the team that won the 2016 UIM 3A World Championship in a similar set-up. Prior to shipping, the boat was shaken down by World Champion Jack Bobin and new owner Errin Butterfield joined him in Britain for a final session of intense testing, allowing him to get to know the boat…

Eversley and Franks win Bermuda’s Rubis Around the Island Race

Steven Eversley and Brandon Franks won the Rubis Around the Island Race in Bermuda yesterday. Their Mercury powered Ocke Mannerfelt built and designed hull completed the course in just over 43 minutes. The annual Classic Offshore race in Bermuda was sponsored by Rubis Energy which included a $7000 prize pot for competitors. Vice Commodore of the Bermuda Power Boat Association and Powerboat Racing World’s Bermuda correspondent, Kim McCallan had a high speed flip in her D Class Skater cat during the race. We are looking forward to Kim’s report and in equal measure wishing her a very speedy recovery. A Class: A16 – 57.42 A1 – 1.01.04 A51 – 1.10.53 B Class: B77 – 51.20 B38 – DNF B48 – DNF B177 – DNF C Class: C941 – 39.40 – New Record D Class: D187 – 38.46 – New Record…

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