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Bobin – Britain’s World Champion – UIM Awards Giving Gala

26 year old Jack Bobin is probably one of the most modest World Champions you could ever wish to meet.

On his first time ever in Monaco to receive his Class 3A plaudits at the UIM Awards Giving Gala tonight, Bobin quietly said to me, ‘I’m just overwhelmed by this town’.

Followers of Bobin have been ‘overwhelmed’ by his driving prowess in an offshore Phantom 19 G hull.

Making light of the sometimes hellish waters in Tvedestrand, Norway last year, Bobin with co-driver Barry Culver became only the second British UIM Class 3 team to prevail on Norwegian waters in a World Championship.

Bobin is attending the Gala at Salle des Etoiles this evening with partner Katie Sirdifield, his mum Elaine and 2 sisters Amy and Mary.

‘Are you going to mention my Dad, Kerry in your article John’?

‘I think he generates enough publicity on his own’, I replied.

Photo: Chris Davies

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