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Jesper Zander

Posts published by “Jesper Zander”

Jesper lives in Gustavsberg, Sweden.

He is an Offshore Racer, photographer and writes for Powerboat Racing World about the Swedish Offshore and Circuit Racing scene.

Gräddö Swedish Offshore Opener

The first Offshore race of the Swedish season took place last weekend in Gräddö, (north of Stockholm). The weather forecast predicted strong winds with heavy rain. Unfortunately, the forecast was correct. Over 40 boats entered into the various classes, 3B and V-150 being the most popular. The racing course was varied, racing around Islands and shallow water, with not all getting it right! In Class 3B, Fredrik Groth Fyrö and Hanna Thorén took a ‘massive’ win over ‘the best of the best’, Thomas and Annika Wrenkler in their Twister Cat by just over a minute. Anton Modin, a ‘Rookie Racer’, ‘dialed in’ his Tintorera 20 through the course. He won the 3A class over more experienced racers and is a name to remember for the forthcoming World Championship in Tvedestrand, Norway next month. In the V-150 class Peter ‘Foppa’ Forsberg…

ÖRK Open 2016

The first offshore race of the year in Sweden took place this weekend in Öregrund. At the same time, it was the Swedish National cup in ThunderCat P750. 8 P750 boats competed in a circuit race and then raced with the other boats in the ‘main race’ or LongHaul as they like to call it. Not surprisingly it was Kjell Johansson and Filippa Ring that took the win in all of the three heats. During the main race, we had boats from many classes racing, 14 in total with a couple of ThunderCats competing together for overall victory. The ÖRK Open have a special handicap system calculated on the last race of the previous season. You raced 7 laps and the first one to finish the race won. The ThunderCats and smaller boats started first and then the bigger and faster ones. The handicap…

Swedish Offshore Racing – The Season ahead

As the ice slowly melts up here in the north, powerboat racers slowly come out of their “boating coma” that hits us during the cold winter. This year, we have a particular exciting year ahead of us with news all around. I´m here to guide you through some of the news and gossip. As well as the international classes we have our “own” national ones. We have a lot of them but the most popular ones are V-150 and V-300 and UL. V-150 and V-300 are mono hull classes with 150 to 300 hp engines. UL is a V8 class close to the American SVL class. Together with Thundercat and Runabout we have around 60-100 participants on a race weekend. Thundercat and Runabout have had steady increase in participants over the last few years and it looks like that will…

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