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Adam Younger Design plans AquaVITE 22 for 2017

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Adam Younger started racing before many of the current licence holders were born and he has been designing racing and commercial craft for many years.

With the recent upswing in popularity with the UIM 3A Class, Younger has decided to offer an option to competitors for the 2017 season.

Loosely based on his UIM 3C European Championship winning mono hull and featuring updates and a race deck, Younger has lightly ‘pencilled in’ the AquaVITE 22.

Younger told me,

The concept is for a narrow beam, very efficient, no nonsense race boat. Very minimal – but stylish and very competitive – especially for UK waters. This is a non-stepped design – but does have some unique spray rail and hull features that all add to the overall speed and handling.

Build will be in two lay-up specs, light and lighter! The cost is going to be very reasonable indeed. I’m only looking to supply bare boats in single colour gel.

Right now he is testing the market to see how much interest there is, the AquaVITE 22 may go into production or could be just a one-off.

For further details;

Tel +44 (0) 1983 760723

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