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2017 Stanley Gibbons Investment Race Series

Thrills and spills were the talk of the latest event in the 2017 Stanley Gibbons Investment Race Series.

Thrills and spills were the talk of the latest event in the 2017 Stanley Gibbons Investment Race Series.Racing got underway on Saturday morning in choppy conditions with winds of F3-4 from thee North East providing some nasty swells on some points of the course.

Crews headed into the first turn mark all relatively close until a rogue wave caught out B-22, Bad Influence, forcing them skyward.

When the boat landed a spectacular flip, caught on camera, showed them doing a full barrel roll, throwing the crew out in the process and ending the right way up.A-61 Slayer was the next casualty after a trim problem forced Paul Etasse and Chris Stonebridge to retire.

Within the same lap Z-38 Katie Sauvarin and Kirsty Savident made officials aware of their early retirement.Leading the pack with another spectacular performance was High Donnelly and Matt Kershaw in the Yellow Argo Catamaran, Jubbly, closely followed by Andrew Marshman and Pierre Petit in Warpath.

This team were having a great battle with The Flying Dutchman, driven by James Roussel, until the end which saw Warpath take the honours of 2nd place.In Z Class the Patrick and Phillip Dewe took an early lead and maintained it throughout with an impressive performance.

The Me Too! team of Hollie Woodhouse and Rachel Le Page took 2nd place after mistaking a red flag forced them to stop resulting in a lot of ground to catch up on.Club Class 3 had 3 finishers A-92 The Governor, B-88 Dirty Deeds and 3-48 Easy Emily 2.After a nightmare event in June the Easy Emily 2 team have worked tirelessly and put in a lot of effort to get the boat back up to its former glory.

They finished in 3rd place after suffering Engine trim problems but have assured their followers they will be back for the next event.Mark Terry and Sue Cosgrave in B-88 Dirty Deeds took 2nd place in Class 3 behind Gareth Keast and Quentin Petit in A-92 The Governor after a close race between the pair thoughout.Sundays conditions couldn’t have differed much more than they did compared to Saturday.

Seas were flat, wind was low and there was next to no traffic in the Little Russel.A shortened course was set up due to the lack of safety boat cover and teams set off once again.

Jubbly flew into the lead once more after fixing an electrical gremlin the evening prior, providing a great show for the spectators. Warpath and The Flying Dutchman were back at it from the get goo with the swapping of positions throughout.

An exciting race ensued between the three teams until the last lap proved too much for the Argo Cat. Jubbly suffered complete engine failure which allowed James Roussel in The Flying Dutchman to take his first number 1 podium place followed by Warpath in 2nd.Z class proved to be just as exciting with Z-27 again flying into the lead.

Conditions were perfect for the Phantom 19 hulls and the Dewe brothers were in their element. Z-38 Katie Sauvarin and Jai Rive were in second place with Z-121 closely behind. Positions remained the same throughout. Club Class 3 had only 3 entrants due to problems with 3-48 Easy Emily and damage to B-22 Bad Influence.

A-61 Slayer driven by Paul Etasse and Navigator Chris Stonebridge, got off to an early lead proving themselves to be great contenders for the 2017 World Championships in September.A-92 The Governor, Gareth and Quentin, fought hard to try and retain their top spot from the day before but it wasn’t to be. B-88 Dirty Deeds – Mark Terry and Sue Cosgrave were forced into retirement after complete loss of drive through a gearbox fault ended their race early.

The next event is planned for August 5th/6th. Keep up to date with any news on or follow us on Facebook.

Photo: Ian Toms

Class points so far – CLUB 3

A-61 Slayer 37 Points
A-92 The Governor 37 Points
B-88 Dirty Deeds 23 Points
B-22 Bad Influence 19 Points
3-48 Easy Emily 2 17 Points

Z Class

Z-27 Dewpacabra 48 Points
Z-38 31 Points
Z-121 Me Too! 18 Points

Club 1

2-909 Warpath 41 Points
2-86 Jubbly 37 Points
1-116 The Flying Dutchman 29 Points

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