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16 Boats to Compete for UIM Offshore 3J World Championship

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16 boats will take to the water this morning to compete the inaugural UIM Offshore 3J World Championship.

The Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Norway and Finland are well represented and there are also racers from Estonia, Britain and Portugal.

Tuesday July 30th

10.00-12.00 UIM Class 3J Offshore World Championship – Race 1 (35 NM)
17.00-19.00 UIM Class 3J Offshore World Championship – Race 2 (35 NM)

Wednesday July 31st

17.00-19.00 UIM Class 3J Offshore World Championship – Race 3 (50 NM)

All times GMT +2

2019 UIM 3J World Championship

#Team NameDriver Country Co PilotCountryHullEngine
J-1SwinglishHarvey Smith GBRTom CeweSWEGriffonMercury
J-3 Braaten Offshore RacingThomas BraatenNORSilje Moen KnutsenNORArgo Dalla Pieta 16Mercury
J-5Dragon Team Benjamin Vuorihovi FINFilemon SundbergFIN5000XRMercury
J-9Christoffer Thorsnes DaleNORSindre Bergslien SvendsenNORArgo Dalla Pieta 16Mercury
J-12Warg Racing Anniken HansenNORAlexander Gladmann KarlsenNORArgo Dalla Pieta 16Mercury
J-14 Wiberg RacingHilmer Wiberg SWEWilliam SjöströmSWEArgo Dalla Pieta 16Mercury
J-19 Wiberg RacingStefan ArandESTMathilda WibergSWEAero 16 CompMercury
J-20 KarnagMatilda Wrenkler SWEAdam WrenklerSWEArgo Dalla Pieta 16Mercury
J-36 Ingvarsson RacingRikard Ingvarsson SWERonja HäggströmSWEArgo Dalla Pieta 16Mercury
J-52 Mäkinen RacingAleksi Mäkinen FINJyrki Mäkinen FINArgo Dalla Pieta 16Mercury
J-57 Nordli RacingOline Norli NOR Guro EliasenNORArgo Dalla Pieta 16Mercury
J-67 Groth Fyrö RacingFredrik Groth Fyrö SWEFilip Eriksson SWEArgo Dalla Pieta 16Mercury
J-86 Huuhka Racing Tomi Huuhka FINAlbin HellbergSWEArgo Dalla Pieta 16Mercury
J-99Lyngør Racing TeamMagnus BangNORBetina LyderNORArgo Dalla Pieta 16Mercury
J-333Team Crono Alexander CribornSWERobert Fredriksson SWECrono 15 Mercury
J-411Portugal Team Diogo Caires Camara PORVasco Miguel Melo Das Neves PORArgo Dalla Pieta 16Mercury
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John Moore

John raced Offshore UIM Class 3 in the 1980’s & 1990’s.
He served as the Cowes Torquay Cowes Event Director for 4 years, including running the 50 th Anniversary Event in 2010.
He has recently organised 4 British Offshore races under UKOPRA sanction.
He is the Editor of Powerboat Racing World.

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