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Marine Fabric for Safety Application

Whether your pontoon is being trailered to the lake, resting for the night at the dock, or being stored for the winter, you need a material that will protect the interior of your pontoon from Mother Nature’s wrath. Marine security has become even more important as a result of the upheavals in power-boating and sea yachting. Given the strategic and economic value of water, the protection of both persons and vessels has become unavoidable. has shown to be useful for this purpose. Fabrics, like other types of materials, are used in practical applications and, more specifically, in decorative applications in the nautical industry. Aside from security, flame retardancy and weight investment funds are critical criteria, especially if you are rushing. As with other modes of transportation, comfort, layout, and aesthetics are critical in providing travellers with a relaxing experience.…

Stewartby Sprints qualifying round-up

Stewartby Powerboat & Hydroplane Racing Club are organising and hosting the 2021 CPA British Sprint Championships this weekend.

The event has five classes racing; F2, F4, OSY400, GT30 and GT15 with qualifying and 2 heats held today, with a further two more tomorrow.

Fireman’s Pole

Jason Mantripp took a sensational OSY 400 pole position at Stewartby this afternoon just hours after his tow-vehicle dramatically caught fire at a service station 25 miles from the lake.

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