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Sarah throws the book at the establishment

I first met Sarah Donohue in 1994 when she was racing an Offshore Class 3B boat, a year later, we were competing against each other for National and World honours.

On a trip to one far flung venue that season, I purchased a copy of the ‘lads’ mag’, Loaded, (to while away the train journey to North Wales).

Featured prominently in that issue was Sarah.

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Although the sport of Offshore Powerboat Racing already had a proud history of lady racers, organisers and journalists – Sarah was doing it her way.

23 years later, after an incredible career and an even more extraordinary life, the ‘Northern tour de force’ has documented her stories in an autobiography – The World Is Never Enough.

The book serves to tell that ambition and perseverance conquers all, and that surely should be reason enough to buy it.

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The World Is Never Enough will be available to buy from Amazon, June 12th at £9.99.



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