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F1H2o Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia

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It’s ‘make or break’ for the F1H2o Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia tomorrow, the organisers can only pray for better weather to run qualification and the big race.

The Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia will be live streamed via f1h2o.com and facebook.com/F1H2O however, the REBELLION Pole Position will not.

Saturday 30 March

05:30 – 07:00 Free Practice / F1H2o REBELLION Pole Position

08:30 – 09:30 2019 F1H2o Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia

*All times GMT

Entry List - 2019 UIM F1H2o Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia

Driver#TeamHull / Engine
Shaun Torrente 1Team Abu Dhabi DAC / Mercury
Thani Al Qemzi 2Team Abu Dhabi DAC / Mercury
Alex Carella 44Victory Team Victory / Mercury
Ahmed Al Hameli 3Victory Team Victory / Mercury
Philippe Chiappe 7CTIC F1 Shenzhen China Moore / Mercury
Peter Morin 8CTIC F1 Shenzhen China Moore / Mercury
Alberto Comparato 9F1 Atlantic Team DAC / Mercury
Duarte Benavente 10F1 Atlantic Team Moore / Mercury
Jonas Andersson 14Team Amaravati DAC / Mercury
Erik Edin 15Team Amaravati DAC / Mercury
Sami Seliö 11Sharjah TeamBaBa / Mercury
Filip Roms 12Sharjah TeamBaBa / Mercury
Greg Foster 36Blaze Performance Blaze / Mercury
Francesco Cantando 37Blaze Performance Blaze / Mercury
Marit Strømøy 50Emirates Racing BaBa / Mercury
Bartek Marszalek 77Emirates Racing DAC / Mercury
Cédric Deguisne 73Maverick Racing Moore / Mercury
Beranger Robart 74Maverick Racing Moore / Mercury


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